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A Government that Works for Everyone


“The rising cost of living has been detrimental to our working class and we need to do everything we can to give them a hand up. If elected, I pledge to do everything in my power to help find solutions to their everyday problems and be an advocate for them. Our community members deserve experienced and accessible leadership that will be able to deliver for them in Albany and that is what I intend to do.”


Being an educator in both the private and public school systems for 40 years this is a very important issue to me.  Education must be fully funded because Education is the Great Equalizer.


Our seniors should be able to continue living in this district without being subjected to higher taxes, costs of living exceeding their capabilities and forced to make decisions between such important life activities such as purchasing food or their prescriptions.  We can only accomplish this by having New York State pay for its fair share of programs and having the cost of living viable for our seniors.​


All veterans deserve our highest respect and therefore the quality of life they were willing to fight for us. I already support many veteran activities in this area and am excited to be able to go to Albany and fight for more funds for all veteran programs.

Tax Reform

New York State taxes are built on an antiquated system, unfair to almost all the residents of the state and punishes those citizens who want home ownership and to improve their quality of life.

Public Health

Health and Mental Health accessibility is a Human Right. The state must do everything in its power to support both of these areas.  The state can no longer cut resources and money needed to adequately support Health and Mental Health programs. Insufficient support for these programs will only lead to higher costs and gross negligence of our residents.

Economic Development 

This issue is about making the quality of life in New York State much more affordable.  We must bring the resources of the state into the Assembly District to help fund necessary programs, increase infrastructure projects and build affordable housing.

Public Transportation

Along with the creation of more job training, living wage jobs and affordable costs of living in the district we must create a thorough and accessible public transportation system to assist those citizens who need it to fulfill their needs.


Conservation, the environment and climate change are issues which must continue to be addressed in Albany. You can have environmentally sensitive laws and a flourishing economy.  The need for a common sense approach to these issues is needed and my active participation and experience fulfill this need.

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